Evironmental Studies in LW & C3D

Been doing a lot of comparative renders using Cheetah 3D and Lightwave 3D (above). My focus this time around, environments. Did a bunch a year or so ago, and I'm back at it. The above image is of a hilly or small mountains over a grassy landscape. Made the mountains in Cheetah 3D. Ported the obj. into LW layout. Added a texture to a plain, and bam. Cool looking scenery for the Neters universe.


Cheetah 3D. The most intuitive 3D program in the world. That simple. But for the fact that it doesn't generate or render 'black outlines' as seen in the Lightwave images further up, I wouldn't be jumping from program to program. I'd be using Cheetah 3D. Period. I put the above image together in 5 minutes ... if that long.

I call the above image, "Water on Mars."