Lightwave 2018 & NETERS II


But for the fact that I put the Cloud Tiger in the NETERS universe, I could just as easily place them as the dominant life form from Saturn's largest moon, Titan.

Anyway, I've gotten better renders using Blender. I have to figure out how to get a 'smother' model. Still learning cel shading and how to work the shadows from the cel. I can go with three; as in the above gif ...


Or go with one as in the above pic. Basically a medium shadow on the bottom.

Composite. Background done in Cheetah 3D. The above final render done in Lightwave 2018.


Getting that look I want...


... continued from yesterday. I noticed by playing around with the light intensity, I was able to get the look I want in the final render, but I was flying blind in the display window. Got some help from one of the vets over at the NewTek/LightWave forum...


Bingo. By using LWs VPR, I'm able to make my adjustments in real time, as well as get that final rendered look that I want. Damn ... thought I was done with LightWave. Maybe not ...


Lightwave 2018 & NETERS


Haven't used LightWave 3D in years. At least not as a primary application. I downloaded the newest version today; 30 day free trial, and after fighting with unpacking it, I was able to get a quick render in. Had to play around with the settings, but finally achieved a render where the textures showed up.

The object file is wonky in LW, but works well in Blender and Cheetah 3D. I'd also like my renders to look like the preview in the main window.


Forgot to mention, I download LW on my laptop. Renders fast though. No lag time when moving things around, so all good there.


Gonna keep playing with the settings. See if I can achieve the same look and 'feel' from the main display window. If not, will not be upgrading.