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Neters: Before the First Time


NETERS ™ Before the First Time, is the long awaited novella based on the online cifer-RA comic that changed the game almost 15 years ago. Click the above pic and read the first couple of chapters. Click the full screen mode when the window pops; the tools are located at the bottom left page. Also, once the page is zoomed, you can move the pages around using your mouse.

... and for those of you who just want a good old pdf -

Note: you are reading the raw unedited copy!


Still trying to find that digital outlet


... gotta find that digital outlet for my comics. Wondering if there is a reliable way to sell directly from the site. Of course there is.


Back up and running

Fell into the trap of Facebook and Twitter, etc. Neglected my primary websites. Got them both back up and running. Updating Twitter, Facebook; though not as much as Twitter, Google + and linkedIn(rarely), is basically a full time job. I moved my web creation software over to my laptop - which should help.

I'll get to updating links and adding more content to get things rolling shortly. And then there's getting back into 3D. Having finally finished my second novel, I'm ready to pick up on all things Neters.


Which one do I re-learn?



Spent so much time finishing my second novel, haven't had time to do much 3D work. Cheetah 3D would be so easy to get back into, but Blender has to be the way to go.